Friday, April 24, 2009

Hales Corners Challenge IX

Hola! I checked my email this morning and received notice from Allen Becker of the Southwest Chess Club that all pre-registration records for the Hales Corners Challenge have been smashed - 78 pre-registered!!!!! The highest previous number of attendees was 70. FABULOSO! There may also be a GM playing - Allen writes "last night GM Mesgen Amanov says he is coming to play." If so, there will be seven masters playing. I am like sitting here in my office typing this, jumping up and down in my chair - good thing no one can see me. I am unable to attend, but as soon as I get my hot little hands on photos they'll be published here, and hopefully I'll be able to bring you question/answer interviews with the winning chess femmes! Good luck to all of the players tomorrow and especially the chess femmes :)

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