Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hales Corners Challenge IX

From USCF, here are excerpted final standings for the Open and Reserve Sections (full final standings) - and I hope I did not miss any of the chess femmes! Final standings, Hales Corners Challenge IX (April 25, 2009): Open Section (56 players) (4 rounds): 1 MESGEN AMANOV 3.5 (IL 2391) 22 NICOLE NIEMI 2.0 WI (1861) (Winner of Goddesschess prize $65) Reserve Section (51 players) (4 rounds): 1 ADEM MUSIC 4.0 IL (1594) 5 SANDRA R PAHL 3.0 WI (1372) (50% of Goddesschess prize $20) 10 ELIZABETH CATHERINE EMERY 3.0 WI (877) (50% of Goddesschess prize $20) 13 JOANNA HUANG 2.5 WI (1462) 27 ALENA HUANG 2.0 WI (1260) 29 RACHEL J ULRICH 2.0 IL (1187) 37 DANAE MALISSA ALEXANDER 1.5 WI (810) 43 STEPHANIE MARIE YAHR 1.0 WI (881) 45 CLAUDIA JOY SCHNEIDER 1.0 WI (718) 46 SUSANNA KRIVULIS 1.0 WI )662P5) 49 ISABELLA ILCHENKO 0.5 WI (425P25) Congratulations to the winners of the Goddesschess prizes! Assuming I have all of the chess femmes named above who participated in the HCC IX (11), there was an overall participation rate of 10.28% for the chess femmes, with strong participation in the Reserve section of 19.61%. Hmmm, with so many chess femmes playing in the Reserve section, we may need to rethink our prize structure a bit. Well, with our Goddesschess anniversary get-together coming up shortly in New York (May 12-19), that will be added to our agenda for discussion. We would really like to see more chess femmes participate in the Open, but we were absolutely delighted to see so many chess femmes come out to play in the Reserve. What to do, what to do... Stay tuned for the Hales Corners Challenge X!!!

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