Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Malta Chess Femmes Mix It Up with the Boys

And they did okay! This is the best way for chess femmes to get head to head experience against more experienced and/or better players than they. Yeah, they take their lumps, but they also take a lot more away from the experience. Story from di-ve.com: U16 chess tournament by Coryse Borg - editorial@di-ve.com Other Sport -- 28 April 2009 -- 21:55CEST Thirteen-year old Christian Schembri from Kullegg San Benedittu emerged the clear winner of the U16 Chess Tournament held last Saturday 25th April at St Paul’s Missionary College, Rabat, in collaboration with the Malta Chess Federation. In all, forty-four students from nine different Church, Independent and Government Schools took part in the Tournament, which was held over five rounds. The biggest contingent of students – 15 – came from St Elias College, testimony of the hard work of Mr. Ray Azzopardi, who teaches chess both at his College and at San Benedittu. Schembri won all five rounds, attaining the maximum five points out of the Tournament. In second and third place were Luca Vassallo and Jurgen Grima, both from St Elias and both with four and a half points each. The Girls’ Category was won by ten-year old Jaime Farrugia, also from Kullegg San Benedittu, who managed to garner three points despite having to compete against her male counterparts. In second place, also with three points, finished Clarissa Cremona from St Dorothy’s. The other categories were won as follows: the U10 was won by Benjamin Zammit from St Catherine’s High School with 4 Points; the U12 was won by Gabriel Farrugia from Kullegg San Benedittu with three points while the U14 was won by Jean Pierre Xuereb from Stella Maris with four points. The Arbiter of the Tournament was Mr Peter Sammut Briffa. Fr. Silvio Bezzina, Assistant Headmaster at St Paul’s Missionary College, distributed the trophies to the winners.

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