Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hales Corners Challenge IX

OHMYGODDESS! The thunderstorms are thundering, the house is shaking, the lightning is flashing and my lights are flashing too, but I am one happy chess femme tonight, darlings! First report fresh from the "Getting to 2000" blog about the Hales Corners Challenge IX, which took place earlier today in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: History: number of players (open+reserve) and the winner(s): HCC IX...04/2009 (56+51=107)AMANOV, YOUNG, SANTARIUS, KOHLENBERG GM Amanov wins the Open! Nearly as many players in the reserve as the Open! 107 players! WOW! This turn-out totally smashed all prior participant records (information thanks to Ivan's post): HCC VIII.10/2008 (33+32=65) TATE,YOUNG,TENNANT,BECKER HCC VII..04/2008 (22+30=52) BURGESS,TENNANT,PARKER HCC VI...10/2007 (30+32=62) TENNANT, BREIDER,SANTARIUS HCC V....04/2007 (40+22=62) TATE,STAMNOV HCC IV...11/2006 (23+26=49) STAMNOV HCC III..04/2006 (28+17=45) TENNANT HCC II...10/2005 (20+18=38) BURGESS,BECKER HCC I....04/2005 (34+36=70) BETANELI Thanks and smooches to Ivan for posting the news - he's up tonight as late as I am (it's now 12:24 a.m. Milwaukee time). I will be receiving more information and photos from Allen Becker and will post it all here. Darlings, I cannot tell you how thrilled I am about this turn-out! The last report I had was 70 pre-registered - and to have 107 participants today! I can't wait to see how many chess femmes played and who won the Goddesschess prize money. Oh, I'm so happy happy happy, dancing in my chair happy - okay, time to get up and dance around the den - thank Goddess no one can see me! LOL!

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