Friday, October 2, 2009

Chanca/Wari Ruins Found in Peru

This is a very good example of sacred places/sacred spaces in the New World: Article from Pre-Hispanic ruins found in Virgin of Cocharcas shrine’s subsoil in Apurimac Lima, Sep. 21 (ANDINA).- The ruins of a pre-Hispanic ceremonial site were discovered in the subsoil of Virgin of Cocharcas shrine in Apurimac’s Chincheros province, local authorities reported Monday. Pedro Fernandez Diaz, deputy director of works from the National Institute of Culture (INC) in Cuzco, explained that they are pre-Hispanic walls and a ceremonial building similar to an altar, where possibly offerings were made to divinities. He added that the pre-Hispanic ruins would be from chanca architecture with Wari influence. The excavations were carried out in the radius or perimeter fence of the sanctuary, in the free area or gardens, Fernandez told Andina news agency. Likewise, two crypts with bones of important people of that colonial period, as priests and leading citizens were also found in the shrine. The temple is located in Cocharcas district, northwest of Apurimac, whose main festival is celebrated on September 8 of each year with a massive pilgrimage. (END) VVS/JOT/AVC

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