Saturday, April 10, 2010

For Super Heroes Only

Need a new cape?  How about a new side-kick - yeah, the last one got tired of being Numero Duo and flew off looking for better opportunities.  A guardian fern or two would keep your girl-cave safe while you're our there promoting Truth, Justice and the Goddess Way.  You can get all these things and more at the
Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Offering capes (including a designer line), secret identities, gear, robotics/cybernetics/mutations (not for those with weak stomachs), items for your lair/cave, outfitting, manuals, lab supplies, invisibles, and cartography/off-world.  A complete super hero outfitter, you'll never need to go to another supplier.  If BSSCo. doesn't have what you need, it doesn't exist!

Personal favorites include the uber-fashionable deflector bracelets (Item No. 09886) at $21.00 a pair (made out of a super-strong off-world alloy that is better than gold and much more comfortable on the wrists) and Aardvark Bros. Brand Intuition liquid supplement (16 oz. size) at $20.00 (Item No. 00894-00991). 

BSSCo. also offers gift certificates!  That hard-to-please loved one is sure to find something they need at BSSCo. 

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