Thursday, April 8, 2010

Qatari Diplomat Acts the Fool

Unbelievable - except it actually happened.  On a flight to Denver crew becomes concerned when smoke is seen coming out of a bathroom.  The person inside - a man who fits the profile of "Middle Eastern."  And he makes a lame joke about trying to start a fire.  The flight has an air marshall on board who takes the dude into custody.  Fighter jets are scrambled and escort the plane into Denver airport.  When it lands federal agents and local police and who the heck knows who else board the plane and take the bathroom dude away. 

Here's the story:
Diplomat in flight disturbance released, won't face charges
By the CNN Wire Staff

April 8, 2010 6:53 p.m. EDT

The linked story was auto-updated so it's not the original report I read earlier today - more details have been added and an ironic twist!  It was revealed that the smoking, smart-mouth dude was a Qatari diplomat travelling to Denver to visit a Qatari citizen currently doing prison time after being convicted under terrorism laws in the United States! 

  Not fair that this guy gets to walk away scott free for being a smart-ass acting like he is above rules and regulations, ultimately costing the U.S. taxpayers how many hundreds of thousands of dollars to scramble jets, not to mention what it cost to send three or more layers of law enforcement officers on a pointless assignment. The Qatari government needs to be billed for this fiasco and the smart-mouth kicked out of the country, pronto!

If it was a regular Joe who did this, you bet he'd be sitting in a federal jail cell this evening, waiting for an indictment to be issued and arraignment before he could even think of being released on bail.

More coverage.

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