Monday, September 13, 2010

2010 City of Montreal Open Chess Championships - Final Standings

Lots to cover tonight since the information was not available at the official website before I turned in last night (I did turn in early - before 9:00 p.m.)

First of all - OFFICIAL COUNT: 204!!!! The organizers were very pleased with this number and so are we!  In difficult economic times the players came out to support the Championnat. There were 191 participants in the 2009 Championnat.


Even better - Bernard Ouimet of Ahuntsic Chess Club (organizers) gave me very good news via email this morning - confirmed FIFTEEN chess femmes participated in the Championnat, not the ten I was able to identify the other day.  This is one less female player than last year, when Goddesschess first offered special prizes for the ladies.


Here are the female players, their final standings and scores:

Section A (2 of 51)

(10) WIM Yuan Yuanling (CAN 2363) 3.5 - new Montreal Women’s Champion
(35) Miraym Roy (CAN 1884) 2.0

Section B (4 of 56)

(13) Yun Chang 3.0 - best woman (Goddesschess prize and certificate)
(38) Wang, Kelly (CAN 1538) 2.0 - woman no. 2 (Goddesschess prize and certificate)
(48) Ma, Indy 1.5
(51) Shi Lingyun 1.0

Section C (6 of 64)

(9) Yu Ke Xin 4.0 - best woman (Goddesschess prize and certificate)
(16) Yang, Marguerite (CAN 1529) 3.0 - woman no. 2 (Goddesschess prize and certificate)
(48) Trottier, Claire (CAN 1236) 2.0
(53) Zang Wenyue (CAN 1108) 1.5
(55) Dubois, Lorraine (CAN 1184) 1.5
(59) Nicole, Chantal (CAN 1295) 1.0

Section D (3 of 33)

(18) Roussel, Lauriane (CAN 1051) 2.5 - best woman (Gddesschess prize and certificate)
(24) Roussel, Marina (CAN 1070) 2.0 - woman no. 2 (Goddesschess prize and certificate) – yes, they are sisters!
(26) Zhao Jiayun 1.5

Congratulations to IM Yuan Yuanling, the 2010 Woman Champion of the City of Montreal and to the winners of the Goddesschess prizes and certificates.


Full final standings here

The Open was won by IM Leonid Gerzhoy with 4.5/5.  Second place to GM Bator Sambuev also with 4.5, but Gerzhoy won on tie breaks.  American GM Alex Lenderman took 3rd place with 4.0 and IM Jean Hebert and IM Arnaud Rainfray took 4th and 5th places, respectively, with 4.0 each, based on tie breaks.  It was a tough battle this year among the top players for the title and top prize money.  Congratulations to all of these fine players.



Section B

Section C

Section D


What an excellent Championnat this year!  From what I can tell, everything went off fairly smoothly.  Many thanks and kudos to the organizers and to the sponsors of this year's Championnat for putting together a wonderful tournament in beautiful surroundings. Thank you to the anonymous webmaster who put together the official website - very easy to navigate and nicely organized.  I was not able to read the blog because I have very little French, but I was able to read the pairings and the results with ease.

I have reason to know just how hard a lot of people worked to put this together and bring it to a successful fruition.  My contacts "behind the scenes" so to speak make me appreciate all the more just how much goes into conceiving, oganizing, setting up and actually bringing about a successful chess tournament.  Thanks and lots of kisses to all of you who worked so hard for so long to bring this about.

Thanks to the players for coming out to play.  Thanks to GM Susan Polgar and our friends at for publishing notice of the 2010 Championnat and to all of those who picked up and passed that news along to your readers. 

There's more to follow.  Goddeschess' Don McLean has video and more photos to share with the official website and with us. 

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