Sunday, September 12, 2010

2010 City of Montreal Open Chess Championships - The Ladies

While Bernard O.  is too busy at the moment to get me a list of the chess femmes who entered the Championnat (totally understandable), I spent some time last night going through the lists and checking names against FIDE's players list to see if I could confirm the chess femmes.  In some cases I am not able to determine the gender of a player from a name (due entirely to my cultural ignorance), and in many cases FIDE's list did not help because those players were not listed.  But Bernard did confirm that he counted 10 ladies, and so did I - so they compose 5% of the total registered players.  Here they are:

WIM Yuan Yuanling (CAN 2363)
Miraym Roy (CAN 1884)

Section B:
Kelly Wang (CAN 1538)

Section C:
Marguerite Yang (CAN 1529)
Chantal Nicole (CAN 1295)
Zhang Wenyue (CAN 1108)
Claire Trottier (CAN 1236)
Lorraine Dubois (CAN 1184)

Section D:
Marina Roussel (CAN 1070?)
Lauriane Roussel (CAN 1051)

I will post the tournament results for each of the ladies at the conclusion of the Championnat.  Right now there are several photographs of the players, including several chess femmes, at the official website, but I cannot positively identify any of them!

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