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2011 All Girls Scholastic Chess Championship Set for Clarksville, Tennessee USA

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Clarksville to Host All-Girls Tournament
Roy Manners • Reader Submitted • September 14, 2010

Clarksville [Tennessee, USA] has been chosen as the site of the 2011 All-Girls Scholastic Chess Championship. The All-Girls Chess tournament is held every year to determine the State Champion among girls eighteen years of age and younger. The winner is Tennessee's official representative to the National Championship for girls.

The tournament will be held Saturday April 9, 2011 at the Montgomery County Civic Hall in Veteran's Plaza, 350 Pageant Lane, Clarksville, TN 37040. The tournament will be in two sections. The Championship Section will be open to all TN girls age 18 and Under and will be USCF rated. The Competition Section will be open to all girls age 18 and Under from anywhere and will not be rated. Each section will have three divisions according to age: 18 and Under, 14 and Under, 10 and Under. Trophies and prizes will be awarded in each division.

The Championship section will also offer a Grand Prize to the State Champion of a partial Scholarship to the college of her choice. Money is being raised for this purpose even now. The goal is to be able to offer the winner a $1000 scholarship.

The tournament format was designed in order to encourage more girls to participate. The winner in the 18 and Under division of the Championship Section will be crowned the TN All-Girls State Champion and be TN's official representative to the All-Girls National events. The Competition Section was included “just for fun” so more girls could participate without the pressure of competing for the title or risk losing rating points. The prizes and trophies in both sections are very comparable.

In each of the past four years only nineteen girls have participated in the TN All-Girls Tournament. The goal in 2011 is to get forty girls in each section, so the tournament was designed to give girls a choice about which way they'd like to compete.

The Competition Section even though not rated, is not just consolation play. It is set up to be just as much fun and just as exciting as any other tournament. There is no risk to anyone's rating. No memberships of any kind are required. Just pay the entry fee and play. It is hoped that this will encourage first time girls to participate. A girl does not have to be unrated to play in the Competition section. It is open to all girls, rated or not, from anywhere.

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