Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chess Femme News!

GM Susan Polgar is reporting on the Women's World Blitz Chess Championship currently taking place in Moscow (September 16 - 18, 2010).  Unfortunately, FIDE and/or whoever organized this event did not see fit to provide a website where one can go to obtain information on the players and the results!  I checked at and also did not see any report there.  So, thank you GM Polgar, for your efforts to bring us information on this event.  Please check out the coverage at her blog - it contains several articles and information including the scoop on the non-appearing invitation to GM Susan Polgar, who was the last official Women's World Blitz Chess Champion.  Doesn't exactly make FIDE look organized, does it - forgetting to invite the prior champion.  Geez!

I also found this report at Chessbase.  The final will be held tomorrow and on the 18th, evidently.  These six players from the semi-final advance to the final:

Rk. Title Name Nat. Rating Total
1 IM Krush, Irina USA 2490 19.0
2 WGM Nebolsina, Vera RUS 2360 17.5
3 GM Zhukova, Natalia UKR 2499 16.5
4 IM Gaponenko, Inna UKR 2469 15.5
5 IM Skripchenko, Almira FRA 2464 15.5
6 IM Muzychuk, Mariya UKR 2464 15.0

2010 Chess Olympiad (September 19 - October 4, 2010) - official website?
Is this a Russian thing - either non-existent websites for FIDE events or the crappiest websites on the face of the earth?  I dug up the website and let me tell you, it's not exactly inspiring confidence when in yellow tape across the top of my screen I see a warning that the website may not be safe.  Gee, thanks, Russians.  Putin's kiss off to the world - infect every computer that visits, right?  I won't be back, darling.  Kiss my grits.

Where are the Olympiad teams listed at this website?  Geez!  I found a list of Men's and Women's Teams at - but as far as I know, the Georgian Women's Team STILL has not been named.  What?  That cannot be correct - but I can't find information on who is playing for the Georgian Women's Team anywhere - at least anywhere that I can read the alphabet!  Guess it will just be a big surprise.

A refresher:  Here is the American Women's Team, which is #6 (very impressive) on the list of 119 teams - but no listing for Georgia:
6. United States of Americ (USA / RtgAvg:2413)

1 IM Zatonskykh Anna 2480
2 IM Krush Irina 2490
3 WGM Foisor Sabina-Francesca 2293
4 WGM Baginskaite Kamile 2328
5 WFM Abrahamyan Tatev 2352

Information on this event showed up about 3 hours ago at, although it was held in July!
Organizer(s) FENANIC
Chief-Arbiter Moraga, Obando Pablo. FA ID 6
Date 2010/07/17 to 2010/07/25
Rating-Ø 1411

Rk. Name Rtg FED 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd Pts. TB1 TB2 TB3
1 Madrigal Ana Daniela 1884 NCA 6s1 3w1 2s½ 4w½ 2,5 0,5 5,5 0,0
2 Rivera Azucena 1756 NCA 7w1 5s1 1w½ 3s 2,5 0,5 5,5 0,0
3 Hernandez Leydi 0 NCA 8w1 1s0 5w1 2w 2,0 0,0 4,0 0,0
4 Mendieta Pamela 1648 NCA 5s0 7w1 6s1 1s½ 2,0 0,0 3,0 0,0
5 Marquez Amaya Armenia 0 NCA 4w1 2w0 3s0 -1 1,0 0,0 3,0 0,0
6 Leiva Rocha Mariel 0 NCA 1w0 8s1 4w0 7s 1,0 0,0 2,0 0,0
7 Lopez Leary 0 NCA 2s0 4s0 8w+ 6w 1,0 0,0 1,0 0,0
8 Mercado Morales Ilse 0 NCA 3s0 6w0 7s- -0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0

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