Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hales Corners Chess Challenge XIV

It will be here before you know it!  I am once again thinking about playing - I just don't know if I can stand the 4-games-in-one-day format!  It's a real grind - exhausting, especially when I have no realistic chance of drawing a game (I don't even think about winning a game!)  But I'm stubbornly hopeful, anyway, LOL! 

If I do play, I'll be solo this time around, no Shira and Crispin to cheer me on.  They're now happily married, living in LA, and have taken the Computer Labs for Kids program in a new direction - a mobile lab that visits all around LA and environs, teaching kids how to use computers.  The latest news is fantastic!   The Pasadena Host Lions Club gave $5,537 to Computer Labs For Kids, Inc. This gift will enable the purchase of ten (10) iPad computers to be used in the mobile lab.

Here's the new banner for the event from Mr. Don.  Particulars for Challenge XIV can be found at the Southwest Chess Club's website

Goddesschess prizes:  Paid entry to Challenge XV for the top female finishers in the Open and Reserve Sections, should they choose to play in that event.  In addition, in the Open Section only, a win by a female player is worth $40 and a draw is worth $20.  We deposit money with the Southwest Chess Club in advance to cover expected outlays so femmes collect their winnings at the conclusion of the tournament, no waiting for a check in the mail! 

We would love to see more femmes than ever come out to support this fantastic local tournament.

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