Saturday, August 6, 2011

2011 World Girls U-20 Chess Championship: Padmini Rout

From The Deccan Chronicle online

World junior chess: Rout holds top seed
August 6, 2011 By S. Sujatha DC chennai
Padmini Rout
India’s Padmini Rout caused a minor upset by holding top seed and WGM Paikidze Nazi of Georgia on day four of the SDAT-Ramco world junior chess championship at Vijay Park here on Friday.

The day also saw the emergence of Italy’s Axel Rombaldoni and Olga Girya (Russia) as sole leaders in the open and girls’ sections respectively with full four points.

In a sicilian king’s Indian attack game, Padmini launched her pawns towards the opponent’s king. When the Georgian managed to keep the king side closed, Padmini opened up her queen side and won a pawn to reach a minor pieces endgame. However, she missed an opportunity to trade her bad bishop, consequently was forced to share a point.

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