Sunday, September 18, 2011

Miscellaneous Photos from St. Louis Trip

Miscellaneous photos of our St. Louis experience.  The dinner party photos were taken by Georgia (Isis) on Saturday evening, September 10, 2011: 

Our beautiful dessert!  The salad was delicious, the entre' of chicken breast and salmon was so-so -
my chicken was very overdone, I could not even cut it!  I gave up and concentrated on the salmon,
which was delicious.  There were also asparagus spears perfectly done (el dente) and some sort of
vegetable something-or-other - I didn't know what it contained so I did not venture a taste!  That's
me, though.  I'm very conservative in my food tastes.  The dessert tasted as good as it looks!  All
in all, a very well done meal, and it was impeccably served by the wait staff.
Former CCI President Tommy Thomsen addresses the dinner party.
Me, enjoying dessert!  Were my eyes closed because I was saying a silent prayer to the Goddess?
Some of our table mates at the CCI dinner party the evening of September 10, 2011:
Jon Crumiller (closest right) and Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Pohl.  We had a great time
at dinner. It was serendipity that landed us at this particular table, we had fascinating table mates!

This charming gentleman was photographed on Friday, September 9, 2011, when 'Sis and I were
walking back from the opening of the World Chess Hall of Fame/Museum.  He was impeccably dressed and
reminded me instantly of the great dressers who are photographed in New York for
Advanced Style, a very popular blog.  We asked if we could take his photo for our blog and he agreed.
 He is in his 70's and teaches ballroom dancing part-time.  He charmed me right to my toes - you can see part of my floaty
top in the right lower corner of the photo. He was a flirt!  I'd have married him if he had asked. 

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