Friday, September 23, 2011

Chess Femme News!

Deysi Cori and Brother Win Parallel Events in South America

From Chessdom!  World Girls (U-20) Chess Champion Deysi Cori won the parallel Diez Reinas [of the Abierto Internacional Marcel Duchamp], with the same score as her brother 7,5/9. Interview with her and all information of the event in this article (Spanish language).

1WGMCori T DeysiPER24167.5
2WIMZuriel MarisaARG22147
3Martinez AyelenARG20856
4WFMRomero Echeverria AbigailECU21344.5
5WFMChang SuzanaBRA20014.5
6Fernandez Maria FlorenciaARG21524
7Nejanky MaisaARG20693.5
8WIMMaggiolo ElisaARG20753
9WFMColombo CamilaURU21112.5
10WFMVargas GabrielaPAR20762.5

Judit Polgar Sighting

Previously reported, GM Judit Polgar, GM Gary Kasparov, and other legends of the game of chess rallied together to encourage the EU to adopt a chess in schools program. Here's a photo of the simul at least some (all?) of these august players participated in, from coverage at GM Alexandra Kosteniuk's chess blog.  Polgar standing next to Kasparov at the simul.  If I'd been her, I would have picked up a knight and shoved it up his nose!  Check out the new television show REVENGE.  That's what I'd do to him, but then, I'm a bitch, har :)

Vera Menchik, a Chess Goddess, Inducted into the World Chess Hall of Fame

Isis and I were there, darlings, on September 8, 2011 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, to celebrate the pre-official "opening" of the new headquarters for the U.S. Chess Hall of Fame (relocating from Florida) and the World Chess Hall of Fame.  More than 400 other people also RSVP'd to the invitations, overwhelming staff and the available real estate!  But a good time was had by all. I actually listened to the presentations rather than socializing and heard Vera Menchik being inducted into the World Chess Hall of Fame, along with Boris Gulko and Andy Soltis.  Good choices! 

See St. Louis Photos posted September 11, 2011
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Vera Menchik at Goddesschess posted - long ago, darlings!  Probably 2001.

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