Sunday, August 5, 2007

Isis' Custom-Made Chess Boards and Pieces

Most people who are fans of Goddesschess don't visit the "commercial" link that we call Chesstique. We offer a number of chess-related gifts and products - like many other places on the internet - but I like to think our designs are truly unique.

We had a long and sometimes heated debate on whether Goddesschess should even host such a feature (over several years, actually), but after taking a long hard look at other chess-related products available for gifts on the internet, my more creative partners convinced me that we should have a forum to present our own designs.

The most beautiful, I think, are the chessboards designed by Isis. There is no one else out there as far as I know who hand-crafts products like those offered by Isis. She designs, weaves and sews chessboards from exquisite fabrics and crafts playing pieces out of glass. She offers several ready-made boards and chess pieces for sale at very reasonable prices, and also creates custom boards to your specifications. The custom part of her business has taken off recently - and if you take a look at her boards, you may appreciate why. They are gorgeous!
If you're looking for a unique reasonably priced gift for a chess-lover, please consider Chesstique.

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