Saturday, August 11, 2007

What if we taught chess like "School of Rock?"

Hola! The day was filled with chores, including cutting the front lawn and laying down a bug killer in an attempt (I fear, in vain) to eradicate those blasted sod web worms that have taken it over! I HATE those little grass-sucking buggers! It's been non-stop war for the past four years now - and I'm losing! To more pleasant subjects! Last night I watched "School of Rock" on regular commercial t.v. and had a good time rocking along with the movie. I can't help but wonder what chess would be like if we could teach chess to students like "Jack Black" taught rock to his students at the preppy private school - think about it. I'm sure the predominately male players would appreciate the "groupies" - but then, so would the few and far in-between female players appreciate their own private groupies - well, maybe I'm just fantasizing now... Against all better judgment, I've started yet another game against Crusader Scott at - did I write about this already? Sure hope not but if I did please put it down to the onset of the big ALZ. After finishing the yard work, I spent the greater part of the day putting together a report on the Goddesschess Eighth Anniversary celebration. It includes a separate photo gallery (as in prior years), but I think this year Dondelion outdid himself taking photographs. A few were taken by me too, mostly those at the St. John's Church Festival. Well, you'll see them in due course... Dondelion now has his laptop back (the hard drive crashed - a brand new computer purchased last November, can you believe it?) and he's just about finished rebuilding his data base (I hope), so updates should begin appearing at Goddesschess soon (I hope again). Then again, who knows? He's been re-invigorated by his recent visit and is chock-full of ideas for new projects - oh, I just got emailed, Crusader Scott has made a move, now it's my turn. This game I'm going all out - no holds barred - I being totally illogical in my moves and am just having FUN!

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