Saturday, January 26, 2008

Corus 2008 12th Round Results

Last game tomorrow! Group "A": Adams, Michael - Polgar, Judit 0-1 (11th place, 5.5, 2 pts. behind the leaders) Judit wins with black against Mickey Adams!!!! Group "B": Hou Yifan - Cheparinov, Ivan ½-½ (9th place, 5.5, way to go girl!) Hou is picking up her game. Will she win tomorrow? Spoelman, Wouter - Koneru, Humpy 1-0 (11th place, 5.0) Oh, Humpy - how could you lose to this dude? Both chess femmes are way the hell off the pace; Movsesian, the leader, has 9 points, with 1 game to go. Group "C": Krush, Irina - Van der Wiel, John 1-0 (6th place, 6.0, a respectable showing, if she doesn't blow it tomorrow) Ushenina, Anna - Carlsson, Pontus 0-1 (13th place, 4.5) Ushenina loses to Pontus Carlsson? Oh Anna! Peng Zhaoqin - Reinderman, Dimitri ½-½ (12th place, 4.5)

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