Monday, January 21, 2008

Corus 2008 8th Round Results

Boo hoo, the Packers lost. There's a lot of trauma in Wisconsinland today, sigh. But the world goes on. Here are the results from Round 8 yesterday (today is an off day): Group "A": Kramnik, Vladimir - Polgar, Judit ½-½ (12th place with 3.5) Group "B": Bacrot, Etienne - Koneru, Humpy ½-½ (10th place with 3.5) Hou Yifan - Nepomniachtchi, Ian ½-½ (11th place with 3.5) Group "C": Negi, Parimarjan - Peng Zhaoqin 1-0 (13th place with 2.0) Ushenina, Anna - Ruijgrok, Dennis 1-0 (1oth place with 3.5) Krush, Irina - Carlsson, Pontus 1-0 (11th place with 3.0)

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