Tuesday, March 17, 2009

By Invitation Only

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs on the internet these days - pick a subject, you'll find a blog. How to narrow down what's worth reading? Frankly, I've no idea, darlings! What is one woman's garbage is another woman's treasure until the next rummage sale, as the saying goes... I happened across this blog by accident ("there is no such thing as coincidence...") The subject is one I find absolutely fascinating since, by inference, it touches on the subject of, as it is so often incorrectly framed - why can't women play chess as good as men? How the question is framed and thus, defining the focus of the research, is a topic that deserves it own blog! Change the perameters of the question and the focus of the research changes entirely - that takes me back to one of my favorite true stories about scientific research. But that's another topic :) After reading a blog entry at Twisted Physics, I framed the "topic" this way: how to define a paradigm (social, political, scientific, whatever) and just about anything else by using the power to exclude and omit. Think about it: when it comes right down to it, he who has the power to define the question controls what the ultimate answer will be. Please read By Invitation Only.

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