Monday, March 16, 2009


Hola! Well - I thought I'd won six - yes SIX - tickets to a Brewer's Game at Miller Park, according to the receipt that was spit out earlier tonight at the Pick and Save (I'd stopped to pick up a few things on my way home from the office); at least, that's what the clerk told me. I DID win six tickets - to a Timber Rattlers game at Miler Park on April 24th. I thought - who the heck are the Timber Rattlers? Turns out, they're a minor league team. Darlings, am I going to go see a minor league team at the tail-end of winter in Milwaukee at Miller Park? Not on your life! Yes, it's true that Miller Park has a roof and has something resembling heat (it can get as warm as 60 degrees F inside). It's equally true that we can get blizzards on April 24th in Milwaukee, LOL! In fact, the year I built this house, we had a blizzard/ice storm on May 15, 1990 that caused a great deal of destruction of roofs, power lines and trees and made getting to and from work an absolute horror! Nope, the Timber Rattlers can play without me in attendance. Good luck, guys.

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