Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Susan Polgar Endeavor

I swear the woman has an inexhaustible supply of energy - when do you sleep, GM Susan Polgar? And how do you manage to always look so fabulous? Look at this - a photo of her own photo shoot! (I stole it from her blog). I'm jealous. Announced at her blog is a new endeavor - the Polgar Chess University - in collaboration with World Chess Live, ICC and FIDE Trainers' Commission. The PCU will have three main levels: Beginner (aiming for under 1000) Intermediate (approximately 1000 - 1600) Advanced (approximately 1600 to 2200) How about classes for confirmed hopeless patzers (like yours truly)? I'm not a beginner but - nonetheless hopeless! Ah well, Mr. Don and I play chess with each other mainly for seduction keeping with our Goddesschess motto: Chess Is The Game Of The Goddess. Woooo woooo!

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