Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shira Chess Challenge: Shira in Portugal

Shira has posted a brief video at You Tube showing some of the kids at the orphanage playing with their new computer thingies. I think they are called "Leapsters." Class on how to use these thingies starts on Monday. I hope the You Tube link works! Training Update: Mine is going crappy! I should have spent today studying the data bases Chessdaddy wants me to study. Oh well. I walked to the supermarket first, then after I relaxed from that trek (with several glasses of wine) I fired up the lawnmower and cut the front lawn. Then I relaxed again for several hours and had some more wine. Then I trimmed the front lawn all around the edges. Then I had some more wine. Then I watched some of my favorite decorating shows on television. Then I pulled the laptop outside and hoped it would rain (it hasn't). A few days ago I invited a new stranger at to a game of chess but he or she decided not to accept, evidently, cuz I haven't received an answer back by way of a move. Oh well. My other two games there are, hmmmm, let's just say that I have no idea how to conduct an end game and I believe I have managed to eventually lose that particular game, I just haven't given up on it yet; my other game with Frog Breath (what an awful name!) is in early stages and I just gave up my queen in order to save a rook and two bishops. Guess you can tell which way that game is going, heh? LOL! Oh what the hell, it's for Shira's kids :)

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