Monday, September 14, 2009

2009 Montreal Open Chess Championship

From Chess Talk: After winning the Quebec closed 2008, and the Canadian closed (semi-open) 2009, IM Jean Hébert added the Montreal open this past week-end (4,5/5). 191 players, 5 000$ prize fund, 2 GMs and 8 IM are the main numbers. GM Bator Sambuev fell victim to his cell phone in round 4 and quit the tournament probably demoralized by the turn of events. GM Salome Melia of the Republic of Georgia finished second as well as S. Barbeau FM, L. Gerzhoy IM and L. Jiang FM, all with 4/5. I checked a few seconds ago and the standings have not yet been updated. Final pairings for Round 5 here. Hebert and Melia played each other and drew their game in 12 moves - mailed it in! Here's a link where you can play it through.

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