Sunday, September 13, 2009

2009 Montreal Open Chess Championship

Lovely ladies. Top photo: WGM Salome Melia and Lee Mei Chen outside the playing venue before the start of the Tournament. According to the Championnat's Facebook page, this is Melia's first visit to North America. I'm biased - I'm rooting for her to win the whole thing! Lee Mei Chen (I hope I have the name correctly) is a friend of WGM Subbaraman Meenakshi and had made plans to play in the Championnat this year with Meenakshi. Unfortunately, because of the slow global economy Meenakshi's corporate sponsor declined to provide money for expenses and airfare, and she had to withdraw. According to the "experts" things are bottoming out now in the US, so perhaps next year at this time we will see Meenakshi in Montreal. Bottom photo: Melia at Table 2 - this is Round 2 or 3, don't know which one.

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