Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chess Training - 1

Hola! This will probably be my only post tonight. I'm very tired, sorry. It's been a LONG event-filled day. Earlier today I finished up my game - by resignation - with Chessdaddy (a/k/a Kelly Atkins), who acted as my coach leading up to the Shira Chess Challenge. I was hanging in there as black - so I thought - until a few moves back I, absolutely unforgivably, hung my bishop to a pawn. OH SHIT. After that, it was curtains, and to add to my embarrassment, I'm sure I missed a move or two that may have led to me hanging on a bit longer. Sigh. In the meantime, I started a new game with Shira about a week ago - it is in early moves, given both of our schedules. And earlier this evening I challenged Chessdaddy to a rematch :) Don't know if he'll accept. In the meantime, Mr. Don has steadfastly refused (ha!) to accept any of my challenges to play another game of chess - online. He says he is too busy. Yeah, and I'm sitting around doing nothing? Trust me, darlings, Mr. Don is going to be met at the door when he arrives for Christmas with my replica Lewis chess pieces already set up on a custom-made elm and cherry board (a gift from one of my legal mentors) before the fireplace, chilled and heavily-liquored up eggnog readily at hand. He will NOT be able to refuse, unless he wishes to sleep overnight in the nearest snowbank.

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