Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chess Femme News

I did a short update (very short) to Chess Femme News the other night. I'm way behind again and hope this weekend to catch-up and update July through September, 2009. Whew! I'm practically back to normal schedule again which means only 30 hours a week work for Goddesschess instead of the 50 I've been putting in lately. Piece of cake :) Here is more news about chess femmes from around the internet! Chessdom has the following reports:

Speaking of Salome, I believe today is her last day in Montreal after her successful appearance at the 2009 Montreal Open Chess Championship. She has been seeing the sights around town and being wined and dined. She has charmed everyone she has met and they all wish for her to return to Montreal as soon as possible. Tonight Melia is playing a simul at my favorite chess hang-out in Montreal, Cafe Pi - in fact, while I'm typing this it's already in progress, because Montreal is an hour ahead of Milwaukee time. I hope that the Montreal chess community turns out full force to support this event.

Mr. Don has added lots of new links and information about the 2009 Montreal Open Chess Championship at Goddesschess under the "Public Square" column (right hand column). He's working on an article about the Championnat and what it meant to him to have a part in this traditional Montreal (his home town) event, but I believe tonight he's taking some time off to go the Melia simul at Pi :)

Info on 2009 Montreal Open Chess Championship and the Melia simul at Pi tonight:

From The Week in Chess (scroll down to info):

  • FIDE World Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk, 20 November to 15 December 2009, reports a partial list of qualifiers or potential qualifiers: Current Women's World Chess Champion GM Alexandra Kosteniuk is ON the list. Will she play? Is this a possible reason why the final list of the Russian Women's Team for the European Women's Team Chess Championship hasn't been finalized yet - because - because? GM Judit Polgar is listed as a possible participant, by way of average 7/2008 & 1/2009 rating. Stay tuned! Lots to be determined yet.
  • 2nd Fide Women Grand Prix The 2nd Fide Women Grand Prix is also take place in Nanjing in 27th Sept - 9th October 2009 with the top 12 players in the world. Gujuan Tzu blog in. Soooo - who's going to play in what? Evident conflicts for several chess femmes, who will need time to prepare for whatever event they decide to play in

No report about chess femmes would be complete without the latest news on the Polgar sisters!

The Unive Tournament in Hoogeveen takes place 16th-24th October 2009 with a new sponsor. The main four player tournament has: Vassily Ivanchuk, Judit Polgar, Sergei Tiviakov and Anish Giri. There is an open alongside.

GM Susan Polgar of SPICE is busy with all of the thousand last-minutes things to take care of in putting on the SPICE Invitational, this year featuring both "A" and "B" groups of players from around the world. Of course, it's not just the Invitational, there are also Open and Scholastic Tournaments!

GM Susan Polgar will also once again be acting as judge to decide the winner of the Goddesschess Fighting Chess award (in the tradition of the fighting chess of the Polgar sisters) for the 2009 U.S. Women's Chess Championship, reprising her role from the 2008 Championship.

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dondelion said...

ACH! and CHOO! Mr. Don never made it to Salome's simul. In fact, Mr. Don ducked under the covers at about 6:00 p.m. with a sore throat and cold symptoms and did not get up until a few minutes ago. It's now 4:30 a.m. - so I have an early start on the recovery trail! Mr. Don has been pushing it lately and I guess this is what happens when folks get carried away by too much of a good thing... namely the Montreal Open. So - you may ask - was it worth it? Answer: Well - of course it was!! (snarf!!*-sniffle... )

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