Saturday, January 23, 2010

Computer Labs for Kids: First Project for 2010!

News from Shira Evans, the driving force behind Computer Labs for Kids: January 22, 2019: In just a few weeks we will have another Computer Labs for Kids charity event at United Care (a foster care agency) in Los Angeles, CA. This time there will be children from two different foster centers attending - United Care and Olive Crest. There will be twenty children between the ages of 5 through 8. As far as I know, what we are doing isn't done anywhere by any organization. It is extremely unique and desired. I have centers all over the world that want me to come and hold a course, and I'm currently booked up into next year. The reason we are unique and no one else is doing what we are doing is because our program is giving laptops to kids personally. We are teaching them how to be responsible for their laptops and what it means to be owner, and we are using one-on-one volunteers to do all this. The foster centers are blown-away by what we are offering and wanting more than I am able to give at this time. I am working alone and relying solely on the contributions of volunteers. Some of the stories my volunteers told me: My child told me that she wishes she had more days like this! The boy that I had didn't really believe he was going to get a laptop at the end and kept saying, I can REALLY keep it??? One child who arrived upset and non-cooperative was holding his volunteers hand by the end of the course. The kids we are reaching need what we are offering, and it is extremely useful to them as well as fun and exciting for the volunteers. There are three ways you can help us. 1. Donate to our project. (We rely entirely on private donations and won't be able to continue without your help.) 2. Volunteer at one of upcoming classes. (Evite for LA event. Evite for Dallas event.) 3. Tell your friends and people you know about our organization. (I am happy to mail you out a DVD.) Many thanks! Shira-- Shira Evans Executive Director Computer Labs for Kids, Inc. 278 E Colorado Blvd #1617 Pasadena, CA 91101 Phone (626) 408-2390 Fax (267) 345-2449 If you live in the Los Angeles or Dallas areas and are interested in learning more about volunteering for the upcoming projects, please contact Shira. I can tell you first hand that as a volunteer in Chicago I had a blast and met some of the most wonderful, interesting people I've ever met. Working with these volunteers and the children was so fulfilling -- Please consider making a donation to Computer Labs for Kids, which is fully tax deductible. Every little bit helps. Shira is doing remarkable work. Our kids deserve this.

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