Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ladies, Ladies!

The ladies are in the news. Thanks, Isis, for the heads-up on the Joan of Arc and English 'queen' articles. Germany is finally moving into the 20th century (oops! It's already the 21st century - oh well, Germany will catch up, eventually...) From The New York Times (January 19, 2010): In Germany, a Tradition Falls, and Women Rise Joan of Arc Relics Proved Fake (well -duh!) From Discovery News (January 20, 2010): Joan of Arc 'Relics' Confirmed to Be Fake How did the bones of two ancient Egyptian mummies -- one human, the other feline -- end up in a bottle that supposedly contained the remains of Joan of Arc? The remains of one of the early ladies of the 'English' royal family (Queen Eadgyth, pronounced Edith) may have been discovered in a cathedral in Germany- she was shipped out and married off at an early age, probably to some fat old dude with really bad halitosis who farted, had rotting stubs of teeth and had warts. Eeeeuuuuuwwwww... She died at 36, probably thanking Goddess for 'taking' her so early. From BBC News (January 20, 2010): Early queen's skeleton 'found in German cathedral' Remains of one of the earliest members of the English royal family may have been unearthed in a German cathedral, a Bristol University research team says.

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