Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Moonwalk! Update

Hola Darlings! It's been done - costumes ordered. Now there are four, not three. A friend of the British trio asked to join the group when she learned of our small Goddeschess sponsorship for costumes, and Tracy asked if we could possibly underwrite another costume. Well, how could we say no? We could not. And so now there are four. Accessories ordered too! Black fishnet hose, black feather boas, black above-the-elbow length gloves. Ooohhh la la! We can't control the weather, I sure hope the ladies do not freeze in these outfits; or what shoes the ladies wear. Since it is a 5K walk, I'm thinking they'd best wear good athletic shoes and forego the stilletos. Fish-net stockings and Pumas. Hmmm... Isis and I will take a look at the costumes when they arrive (thank Goddess for digital cameras and email) and perhaps add some glitz here and there, and then ship the whole to Tracy in England in plenty of time for the May Moonwalk. Tonight I sure got an eye-full looking at "rhinestone cuffs" online. Not recommended for minors. Oh my. I was looking for inexpensive faux diamond cuff-bracelets, just to get an idea of cost. Oh my. I will have to very carefully tailor my future web searches for costume jewelry. Oh my. Perhaps I'll stick to the local Claire's at the Mall.

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