Friday, January 22, 2010

Goddess Saraswati's Birthday and Spring

From the City exhibits shades of yellow on Basant Panchami TNN, 20 January 2010, 09:11pm IST KANPUR: Wednesday exhibited a distinctive sight of colour yellow -- flowers, food, attires that symbolically represented the augmentation of spring season, as people celebrated Basant Panchami. With the long held notion of Basant Panchami considered to herald the spring season and so the harmony and celebrations, the joyous Kanpurites greeted it with open hands. And as it was the birthday of goddess Saraswati, people offered prayers and flowers to the goddess of knowledge and learning. "As colour yellow symbolises love and affection, as well as spirituality, the festival marks beginning of celebrations and harmony. The season thus, augurs prosperity and happiness," said Shiv Dixit, priest of a temple. Denizens preferred to wear shades of yellow. Not only the clothes, yellow flowers were used as offerings and also part of decorations in households as an indication to welcome the spring Season. The Bengalis celebrated the festival with a different hue as special Bengali food including khichudi, sandesh were served on the occasion. The young ones were made to start with their learning lessons by letting them hold a chalk or pencil, as the day was auspicious and meant for learning and gaining knowledge. Many children were found keeping yellow flower in their books so as to enhance their concentration and knowledge.

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