Monday, January 18, 2010


Hola! More about Goddesschess' newest sponsorship - non-chess, darlings! A few days ago I received an interesting email that introduced me to an event I had not heard of: The Moonwalk Marathon for Breast Cancer. To make a long story short, Goddesschess has agreed to provide Las Vegas Show Girls costumes to three participants in an upcoming Moonwalk in Great Britain that our three ladies will be participating in on May 15th. Woo wooo! Please check out the main website: Walk the Walk. The Prince of Wales (Prince Charles) is 'the' Royal Patron of Walk the Walk. In 2009, during the height of the Great World Recession, the combined moonwalks and sunwalks around the United Kingdom raised in excess of 8.4 million English pounds. This year's walk theme is SHOW TIME. We know the sizes. We've done some research - well, I've done some research. I thought Isis would have a heart attack when I emailed her and said guess what 'Sis, what do you think about underwriting obtaining three Las Vegas Show Girls costumes for ... I had no idea at the time I sent that email to her, but Isis, being a long-term resident of Las Vegas, knows exactly what it costs to outfit a real show girl with a decent costume - from around $875 to over $2,000. That's for the real deal - custom-made and sized. I had no idea that beading, sequins, glitters, feathers and g-strings could be so expensive. But there is an entire art and science involved in constructing the costumes for the real show girls - it is fascinating. Anyway, after assuring 'Sis that I did not intend for us to sponsor up to $6,000 for costumes for the Moonwalk, she jumped onboard (and her heart rate dropped back down to normal). After further research, I have arbitrarily decided either to design and make our own costumes for our three walkers (both 'Sis and I can sew pretty well), or purchase suitable costumes. I have the ladies' sizes in hand, and have a good idea now of what is available and what can be made for a reasonable price. Even if we buy ready-made, with our sewing skills we can add custom touches. That Isis. She is Ms. Mystery. I know that she once played championship level billards, and she once owned an antique/vintage furniture shop. I also suspect that she was once a Las Vegas Show Girl herself. Amazing as it seems, we've had so much other stuff to talk about during our 10 year friendship, the subject hasn't come up. Eventually, I hope we will have photographs of the Goddesschess ladies in their costumes on the night of the Moonwalk. Stay tuned!

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