Saturday, February 20, 2010

I don't know how - but it works!

Darlings!  I have no idea what this means or how it works, but it does. 

The other day I received an email from a friend of this blog, "RHHannaHH," who sends me information from time to time, usually related to the Number of the Goddess 4-3-2 (or 432).  This email was different, not featuring 4-3-2 but 396. Huh?  But I tried the link out earlier this evening figuring - what the heck. 

It took me to a You Tube site where an ever-morphing Mandela was featured along with some tonal music in the background.  When I first heard it, it reminded me very much of the soft tones playing in the background in all of the Egyptian exhibits at the Brooklyn Musem (which I visited in May, 2009). 

I don't know how it works.  I can tell you this.  At first I focused my attention on the changing Mandela, and listened to the tones.  Quite soon my eyelids grew heavy (but I am tired out, so I discount that this is an effect of the tones and/or watching the pattern) and I closed my eyes.  Then I settled my head back against the hard wood of this chair.  I opened my eyes and watched the changing colors and patterns of the mandela for awhile, as the tones in the background grew louder and then faded, in and out.  I can't say they went up and down, because thr tones did not seem to follow the musical scale of do-re-mi as we know it.  Very relaxing.  I closed my eyes again and almost drifted off to sleep.

So, I visit the You Tube url listed and it's called Unison Therapy.'s a "tones for sale site" - maybe the mandalas are included too?  In any event, the site introduced me to two new terms:  binaural beats and Solfeggio scale.  The problem is, I am now so relaxed and ready to take a nap that I have no interest in researching these two terms to find out more.  Snore...

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