Saturday, February 20, 2010

L'Bri Update

This morning started Day 10 of my new facial care regime using the L'Bri products I purchased at my sister's and niece's party earlier this month.  I purchased the following items:

(1) Body lotion (not part of the facial regime)
(2) Cleanser (gentle formulation)
(3) Rejuvenating Facial Peel (I judged this to be a gentler way to exfoliate than using the facial and body scrub) - made with fruit enzymes, no granuals or "beads" to "scrub" the skin
(4) Freshener (no alcohol in formula) that can be spritzed on or can be used on a cotton ball or pad and wiped over face
(5) Smooth 'n Firm Eye Repair Gel
(6) Moisturizer
(7) Maxifirm Skin Renewal Complex - supposed to visibly lift and tighten skin around eyes, etc.

My take on the products thus far:

(1) I love the body lotion!  I have been using it on my alligator skin legs, even worse condition knees and elbows, and the stuff really does work like Liz the rep said it would.  It is light, non-greasy and has a nice light fragrance, not perfumey.  I have also been using the body lotion on the skin on my throat and neck and I am amazed at the difference!  The reduction in the creases and wrinkles in the neck, throat and high chest areas is definitely noticeable. Definite improvement in the appearance of the skin on my arms and legs and heels.  My skin also feels much softer and smoother to the touch.  Hands down the best body lotion I have ever used - and I've tried sooooo many over the years.  It's well worth the $13.25 for 8 ounces in a pump bottle. 

(2) Cleanser.  I like this product for not irritating my skin and its pleasant scent.  It does take off waterproof mascara, but it takes a couple of applications to do that and "scraping" with my fingernails.  I suppose I'm cheating - I am using the same non-greasy gentle facial cleanser that I had been using in the mornings before I started the L'Bri regime, to remove my make-up, and then do a second cleansing with the L'Bri cleanser.  I stopped using my Dove soap (used since 1986), which Liz the L'Bri lady was horrified to learn I'd been using.  Far too drying, she said.  There has been a noticeable decrease in dry flaky patches on my face, so she was right.  I admit I was dubious - how could one remove make-up and get one's face clean without using soap?  But the cleanser does the job and I have not suffered any new break-outs from clogged pores.  I am, however, dealing with the slow healing of my last adult acne flare-up including classic large red "zits" (one on either side of my face near my "laugh lines") and lots of under-skin bumps.  They are diminishing, but not fast enough! 

(3) Rejuvenating Facial Peel.  The first time I put it on, it didn't work the way it had at the demonstration at the L'Bri party.  But I tried it again last night and actually counted out 30 seconds before starting to massage, and this time it worked.  Wow, did it ever work!  It worked so much that I figured I must have a lot of exfoliating to do, so I did it again this morning, and more skin sloughed off. My skin seems happy with this treatment - no flare ups or blotchiness afterward and it definitely feels much smoother now.

(4) Freshener.  It doesn't sting, it's refreshing.  The first time I used it, I spritzed it onto a cotton pad and then wiped my face with it, and I noticed a lot of gunk on the pad.  But that was the first day I started using the L'Bri products so I figure there must have been a lot of residue of other stuff on my face, because now, when I wipe, there is no such residue showing up on the cotton pad - and I've looked very carefully for anything!  So, I first spray a little bit on the pad and wipe over my "T" zone, and then I close my eyes and do a couple of spritzes right from the spray bottle.  It's very refreshining.  Is it doing any good?  I have no idea.  But it does not seem to be doing any harm. 

(5) Smooth 'n Firm Eye Repair Gel.  According to the product description, this is supposed to restore elasticity while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and puffiness around the eye area.  I have not noticed any difference in the appearance of lines and wrinkles or elasticity and the under-eye puffiness and dark circles are still there.

(6) Moisturizer.  Light and non-greasy enough for me to use over my entire face. Does not seem to clog pores - I would notice immediately.  My post-menopausal skin flares up at the slightest provocation.

(7) Maxifirm.  This product claims independent clinical studies that showed a 20% increase in skin's firmness and skin density improved by up to 77.2% after only 4 weeks.  So - I'll give it some more time but at this point, I have not noticed any improvement and, when applied to the delicate skin under my eyes, it actually seemed to accentuate the lines and creases.  Eek!  Not good. 

Overall:  My face is definitely feeling smoother and softer.  This morning, afer close examination with glasses on and also checking with a magnifying mirror, it appears that there has been some reduction in the size of some areas of enlarged pores, but others areas appear unaffected.  Flaky patches of skin are gone and that is a definite plus.  I can perceive no decrease in fine lines or wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.  I do not see any difference in the appearance of the area under the eyes or a decrease in the crease line at the top of my nose.  No visible effect upon droopy and lined eyelids.  As far as I can tell, Maxifirm is not doing anything for me, and may actually be accentuating wrinkles in the delicate thin skinned area under my eyes.

I saw my sister Yvonne yesterday.  She is five years younger than me.  I have not seen her since the L'Bri party - a little more than 2 weeks ago.  I immediately noticed that her skin looks much better than I've ever seen it.  Better than when I last saw her, at the L'Bri party.  She still has dark circles under her eyes, and definite lines and wrinkles (as do I), but the rest of her face looks very smooth and firm.  Nice texture.  The difference is noticeable.  Her skin is also soft to the touch - she invited me to touch it and see for myself.  She has been using the L'Bri products for about 2 months now, and she swears by them.  So - I am definitely willing to give the facial products another 20 to 35 days, which would take me to between 4 and 6 weeks from first use.

The body lotion is a definite BUY.  It works exactly as promised.  I love the product.

When I visit Isis and Michelle for my get-away at the end of tax season, I'll be taking a supply of the body lotion with me for each of them. What works in Wisconsin's sub-zero dessicating winter winds and and moisture-sucking central heating should work just as well in the moisture-sucking extreme heat and equally drying air-conditioning of Las Vegas.

I'll do another report on my skin's condition around March 3rd.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jan.....Love your blog. I can recommend a couple of things so that you will notice the difference even more!

Liz said...

Hi Jan.... that was me...Liz

Jan said...

Hi Liz,

You're famous! Har, only kidding, but we do get between 3,000 and 4,000 readers a day.

What do you recommend I do that will improve the efficacy of the products?

By the way, I think I may not have been putting on enough of the Maxifirm. I put some on last night as part of my Saturday "spa night" ritual (bubble bath, candles, smooth jazz playing in the background, total personal pampering, aaaahhhhh...) and it did seem to give those pesky areas (under eyes, lids and creases on either side of the mouth) a lift. Perhaps I've reached a tipping point and improvements in skin texture will begin to be more noticeable from here out.

Liz Kultgen said...

Hi Jan,
Regarding the peel... sounds like you figured it out but just in case....must be used on dry face or on 'morning face' which is a face that was cleansed previous eve. Leaves your face sooooooo smooth!

Regarding eye gel.... use your ring finger to stipple or lightly pat under the eye. Give it some time. Remember we didn't get these wrinkles in one day and they won't go away in one day either! :)

Maxifirm .... MUST be used over entire face 2 times a day for 30 days to see these results. Don't worry. You will see the results especially if you quit using it! I won't leave the house without it.

Finally.... make sure to spritz a little water on your face after you moisturize. The aloe in the product will pull that water in just like it does in the desert giving you moist (not oily) glowing skin.

Hope that helps! Can't wait to hear how the next 30 days turns out .....your skin should continue to improve for the next 6 months.

Am I allowed to offer free samples here from Yvonne and My websites? don't know all the rules of blogging. :)

Jan said...

Hi Liz,

I didn't know I was supposed to be using the Maxifirm on my entire face. Will do that from now on starting tonight. I had been putting it only on the problem areas - around the eyes, concentrating on eyelids, creases and under the eyes, etc. The eye gel I've been putting on just like I put on intensive eye creams in the past, very gently!

The first time I tried the facial peel I think I let it dry out too much - waited too long before I started massaging with my fingertips. The second time (when I counted to 30) it worked just fine - that was Friday evening after I'd removed my make-up. I used it again yesterday morning to sort of "clean up." I will schedule my next peel for this coming Thursday morning and make extra time to do it.

That's a good tip about spritzing water on after I moisturize - I'll see what I can come up with from what I've got around the house or stop tomorrow at Walgreens and buy an atomizer.

Regarding free samples, sure - please post the webaddresses where readers can send for free samples. Or you can email them to me privately and I'll do a new post with direct links.

Unknown said...

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