Sunday, February 28, 2010

Isis Interregnum

Articles of interest from Isis.

'Tyrant king palace found'
Full story:
Rome, February 25 - A palace built by the family of Ancient Rome's last tyrant king (Etruscan Tarquin clan) has been located in an ancient city south of the capital, archaeologists said Thursday.

Green Energy Break-Through
February 25 Allheadlines news
Bloom Energy's Compact Bloom Servers produces 100 kilowatts of electricity by converting air and a fuel source such as natural gas or biogas into electricity via an electrochemical process instead of by burning the fuel. If it uses fossil fuel to generate power, it is still 67 percent cleaner than a typical coal-fired power plant, according to the company.

Microbes Leave Gold on Corpses, May Complicate Forensics
February 25
Scientists find that bacteria can sprinkle gold dust onto the hair of corpses, which suggests microbes could deposit arsenic and other poisonous metals on bodies as well, potentially complicating criminal and archaeological investigations.

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