Saturday, March 6, 2010

2010 International Women's Day

This year International Women's Day will be celebrated on March 8, 2010. 

Some websites:

International Women's Day 2010
Wikipedia Entry (very interest history)
Women for Women - Join Me On The Bridge March 8, 2010

I love history - and I love chess.  I'm not a good player, and until I retire and can afford to take lessons (and devote lots of time), I won't ever be any better than I am today, which isn't very good.  LOL!  But I love it, nonetheless.  And I would love to get better.  Watch out, chess dudes.  I may be a little 75 year old lady beating your butt at a local tournament in ---- 17 years.  Crap - only 17 years...

The history of chess is a fascinating subject in and of itself, and it was that history that caught me more than 10 years ago; it is that history which led to the development of The Weave discussion on the old Art Bell message boards, and then to the creation of the Goddesschess website, and then to the creation of this Blog.  Along the way, there have been chess columns and articles and book reviews. 

We have many historical articles and interesting studies emale chessplayers archived at the Goddesschess website - we invite you to explore the contents under the general Women of Chess heading (left side navigation bar).

A potpourri of historical  information on women in chess can be found at the following websites - not current news sites:

Chess and Women - Edward Winter (I always want to call him Edgar Winters)
A History of Women's Chess in the U.S. - St. Louis Chess Club and Scholastic Center
A timeline - Google search (some fascinating articles cropped up!)

Top three female players today:

GM Judit Polgar (HUN 2682) born 1976
Photo: Wikipedia Commons

GM Koneru Humpy (IND 2622) born 1987
Photo: Alexandra Kosteniuk's - interview

GM Hou Yifan CHN 2570) born 1994
Photo: Alexandra Kosteniuk's - coverage 8th Asian Continental Open

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