Wednesday, March 3, 2010

L'Bri Update: Day 21

Well, I didn't think something like this would actually happen.  I mean, what are the odds?  But it did and I am so pleased!

Today was the day I was going to write my second update on my use of the L'Bri products I started using on February 10.  It has been 21 full days (3 weeks).  Earlier today I was in one of the female attorney's offices chatting with her about my upcoming get-away to Las Vegas after tax season, and I mentioned that as part of our three day All Girls Girly Stuff I was going to buy a swim suit and would be taking some products to Isis to try out, new products that I had been using on my face and was very happy with the results.  She looked amazed and said I was just thinking to myself what nice skin Jan has!

Wow!  So I give her a quick summary about how I ended up purchasing the L'Bri products, how I used them and the results I was seeing, and that she could order free samples on the internet (I emailed her my sister's L'Bri website url later).  I think she is going to be ordering some free samples.  She said - and I'm sure she meant it as a complement - that I looked much younger, and she sounded so amazed when she said it.  LOL! 

I'm not sure if another comment made last Friday  (2/26) counts.  I was in the office kitchen getting some water when one of the paralegals came in and she commented on how rosy my complexion looked and how much my pink sweater suited me.  I have received complements on the pink sweater before, but never any comments about my complexion while wearing it.  Pink does suit my coloring, so maybe this one doesn't count as being caused by my use of L'Bri products.

So, how does my skin look?  Note: I examine without glasses in different mirrors, under different lighting conditions, and also close examinations with my glasses on AND using a magnifying mirror. 

Looks pretty darn good.  It is definitely smoother to the touch and softer. My rosacea flare-ups have decreased quite a bit.  Those pesky zits around my chin area have greatly decreased, too and what new ones pop up are not lasting as long.  So, the gentle form of the products are just fine for treating post-menopausal (hormonally caused) adult acne on extremely sensitive skin.

Wrinkles - glacially slow improvement - I can see improvement now where 10 days ago I really could not.  Most impressive is the change in the "frown lines" (either side of the mouth) - I hope it's not just my imagination :)  I think they have definitely decreased.  "Laugh lines" on either side of the eyes - I see minor, but definite, improvement.  Wrinkles on my eyelids - tiny tiny change - there is change, but I guess they're not going to get much better.  Wrinkles on bridge of noese - minor improvement.  Wrinkles on upper lip - too soon to tell since I only began using Maxifirm on my entire face about 11 days ago.  They are not so noticeable, so I am hoping they will disappear - soon!  LOL! 

Overall effect is definitely noticeable by yours truly, and by one unbiased observer!  Ta da! 

I conclude that it really is true what the L'Bri literature said - that the result of using all the products in tandem would be cumulative over 4 to 6 weeks.  If after only 3 weeks I (and Jennifer) can see definite improvement, I look forward to what my skin will be in another 3 weeks, which will take me to the end of 6 full weeks.

Since I've been using the products 2x a day for the last 21 days, I've gotten very efficient with them, so it is true that one can do an entire routine from cleansing to final moisturizing in about 5-6 minutes, including application of eye gel and Maxifirm.  Separate timing for use of the peel (the exfoliating product I am using that looks like emulsified orange peels, LOL!), which I have settled into a routine of using peel, two days off, peel on third day, start the count over again.  I am scheduled for another peel tomorrow morning and I can see in the magnifying mirror that I need it!  I have flaking skin - those zits are healing away layer by layer. 

Oh - pores.  I learned just today by accident while scouting around the internet during my lunch hour that pore size is genetically determined, and so no product can permanently shrink pore size.  However, products can temporarily reduce the appearance of large pores.  I believe this is what has happened with my face and, coupled with the overall improvement in skin texture, the pores are not as noticeable. I don't know if this is the case with other women, but my largest pores are on my upper lip and in the crease lines from nose down to chin. Mind, I'm looking at my skin under blasting light, with my glasses on and also with a magnifying mirror, so those damn pores look like pot-holes.

Products can also improve overall skin texture both by healing blemishes (from inside out) and removing dead skin cells.  Products can further promote healthy skin and maximize production of new skin cells by maintaining a neutral PH balance and not clogging skin pores (those pores again) or unduly drying out essential oils that are provided to the skin from below.  Diet and intake of enough water along with adequate sleep do the rest.  This isn't exactly a scientific explanation, but this is how I understand what's going on in lay-person's terms. 

The L'Bri products are not doing any damage to my skin - that is a major plus.  As much as I thought that my prior regimine was beneficial to my face, it was causing problems, although not as many as if I'd been scrubbing my skin twice a day with alkaline soap and using harsh scrubbers to exfoliate a couple of times a week.  I was actually clogging up those pores in several places on my face in an attempt to slow the development of dry skin and wrinkles, especially on the bone line of where cheek bone meets eye socket - lots of little bumps used to be there. 

So - all of that stuff that I used to use (other than my generic Lubriderm facial wash) is going into the garbage tonight.  Oy, it hurts to be throwing out so many $$$!  But those old products have more minuses than pluses - not like the L'Bri products, which thus far have all pluses.

My next report will be in 3 weeks, which will be the end of 6 full weeks of using L'Bri products.  Will I look ten years younger - not, by the way, a claim that L'Bri makes, LOL!  It's a demand I'm making!  We'll see...  If I can go back to 48 again facially and start all over - well!

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