Thursday, July 22, 2010

2010 Canadian Open

Held July 10 - 18, 2010, Toronto, Ontario

A small number of chess femmes played in the large Open (265 registered players).  The event was won by GM Luke McShane with 8.0/9 (no losses):

67 WCM Alexandra Botez 1963 D84 L85 L120 D163 W225 W194 W176 D51 W111 5.5
77 WIM Dina Kagramanov 2226 L12 L33 W171 W135 D137 D108 W159 W124 L39 5.0
95 Dalia Kagramanov 1998 L100 W183 L25 W224 W205 D49 D48 W156 L36 5.0
103 Natasa Serbanescu 1880 L102 W166 W176 D246 H--- H--- H--- L36 W165 5.0
204 Marguerite Yang 1540 W214 L189 D133 D156 L93 W182 L155 L161 D194 3.5
208 Zhanna Sametova 1428 H--- D244 D109 L133 D90 W221 L72 L164 D195 3.5
212 Louisa Qianqian Hou 1256 W240 L198 W164 D102 L66 L107 W187 L106 L154 3.5
216 Jessica Danti unr. L150 L230 L147 W259 L197 W241 L170 D209 W243 3.5

Special prizes were set aside for the chess femmes: $500 for 1st; $250 for 2nd; $125 for 3rd.  Congratulations to the ladies!  I hope I did not overlook any of them, but sometimes it is very difficult to determine gender by name alone - and I don't have time to do a FIDE search and check on gender for each player.

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