Monday, July 19, 2010

2010 U.S. Women's Chess Championship - R9

It's official - Tatev Abrhamyan won with the black pieces against Katerina Rohonyan and Camilla Baginskaite won with white against Beatrice Marinello.

So, Melekhina and Rohonyan finish tied for 4th place with 4.5/9.  Unofficial rankings:

Krush 8.0/9
Abrahamyan 7.5/9
Zatonskih 7.5/9
Melekhina 4.5/9
Rohonyan 4.5/9
Zenyuk 4.0/9
Baginskaite 4.0/9
Foisor 3.0/9
Marinello 1.5/9
Marshall 0.5/9

I've no idea when or how the Goddesschess/9 Queens Fighting Chess Award will be decided.  There were many impressive performances this year:  Krush, definitely.  She had several of the shortest games of the tournament and that says something.  Zatonskih never gave up and eeked out a slight advantage in long, grinding end games seemingly out of nowhere!  Zenyuk had all decisive results - no draws:  4 wins and 5 losses.  Constantly in time trouble but always fighting.  Rohonyan got better as the tournament went on.  Perhaps most of all, I was impressed by Abby Marshall.  She never gave up, and sure as shootin' she gave the two tournament leaders a hard time!

We don't have any behind-the-scenes input into choosing the winner - that's part of the deal.  We want the judge to be totally independent in her decision.  For tonight, I'm chessed out, darlings.  I don't want to think about it anymore.

Congratulations to Irina Krush on her 3rd US Women's title. Indeed, congratulations to all of the players.  I think this has been the best women's championship ever!

And we're already planning for the 2011 U.S. Women's Chess Championship. 

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