Thursday, July 22, 2010

Computer Labs for Kids: South Central Los Angeles - Classes 3 and 4!

Wow - my buddy Shira has been more than her usual busy the past few weeks.  She has revamped the entire website for Computer Labs for Kids - check it out! 

Classes 3 and 4 in South Central LA have been completed - only 2 more to go (I think).  How quickly the time is going, how much the kids and the volunteers are learning.  (Photo from Class 3, a beautiful smile from a beautiful young lady). 

This project is the first using the new, expanded program of intensive training over several classes with a small group of students and volunteers.  Some of the kids are older than in the past projects - also a new approach.  Too often, it seems, the older kids in foster care and orphanages are just sort of forgotten about.  But Shira loves everyone, and wants to help everyone she can. 

Kudos to the volunteers for this project, who agreed to a six-week commitment, donating precious free time each weekend, to help these kids.  And kudos to the kids - they've shown up, they're learning, they're engaged.

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