Monday, July 19, 2010

2010 U.S. Women's Chess Championship - Startling Results R9!!!

Ray Robson lost!

Zatonskih's game ended in a draw!

Zenyuk won!

Looks like Krush will be clear winner and no play-off tomorrow for the women.

Now it appears Robson and Shankland are tied - Parker Zhao may win the tournament???

More later -

Updated 5:59 p.m.

Ray Robson showed great class and sportsmanship by showing up for a post-game interview and not trash talking. He is just a really great young man, has great character and heart. 

Anna Zatonskih was also very graceful in talking about her tournament and the final 2 rounds, and was surprised with a Skype call from her husband, GM Daniel Friedman, who is currently in the Ukraine.

Marshall is still battling with Krush, but it doesn't look very good for her. Actually I'm amazed that Abby was able to get the game to this point (past time control) because earlier the commentators seemed to be writing off her position.   She has put up a good fight!

Tatev Abrahamyan, currently with 7.5/9, could finish in second place.  Commentators are saying she has a better position against Rohonyan, who has the white pieces.

Baginskaite and Marinello are still slugging it out, and have made time control.  They have quite a few pieces on the board yet.

Wow!  Well, I'm pleased to be surprised and shocked - but my R9 predictions certainly seem to have been flushed down the toilet!

I'm happy that Zenyuk won her game, but I'm really sad for Melekhina because she was on the losing side of that game.  I like both players very much.

Updated 6:11 p.m.
Krush has won - Abby Marshall just resigned. Krush is the official champion, with 8.0/9.  If Abrahamyan wins her game, she and Zatonskih will be tied for second place and then the usual tie-breaks will be applied to determine position.

Updated 6:31 p.m.
Looks like 3-way tie among Parker Zhao, Robson and Shankland and play-off tomorrow - but Zhao is still playing.  If Zhao wins his game then he is clear winner.

Looks like Abrahamyan will win, in which case she will score her third IM norm, if I understood what the commentators said correctly.  That would be fantastic, another female IM and she's only 22 years old and will be going into the Olympiad next month on an emotional high along with Krush, Zatonskih, Foisor and Baginskaite.

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