Thursday, June 23, 2011

Are You Watching the Voice?

I have to tell you, this show has totally blown me away!  I am not a fan of American Idol, although it has showcased some great talent.  The Voice - wow!  I hope a lot of the final 16 (yes, all the way up there to the quarter-finals because there were some great voices who had to be let go) get recording contracts, I was that impressed with this pool of talent. Hell, I even liked the country singers and normally I'm not a fan of country music. 

So, the show is down to the final four, and next week Tuesday is the sing-off and America will pick one, and only one, winner.  Of the four remaining, I like equally and for different reasons, Dia Frampton and Beverly McClellan.

The very first time I heard these two very different femmes sing, I was just amazed and awestruck.  Each week they've gotten better and better. 

I think Vicci Martinez is a lovely little bundle of flaming energy, but she has a tendency to shout rather than sing.  She is definitely an original, though, and absolutely fearless on stage. Not many performers can sing Jolene and Dog Days Are Gone in back-to-back weeks and rock both! 

Javier, my my, what can I say?  He's got a great gift in that voice of his and he doesn't know how to use it!  All that over-singing, those meaningless, useless runs on every other note, the skipping of important lyrics (in Angel, for instance).  He's got a heart-tugging back-story with his wife and little kids, but Holy Cow, he's had his opportunities and he hasn't been able to cut it.  That's the bottom line for me.  He had albums released - they bombed.  He's been first act on tours - didn't get any buzz. Why not? For once, I would like to hear him sing a song without "making it his own" - because clearly, the man does not understand what "making it his own" really means!  America appears to love him, however, and he could very well win next week.  Too bad, I think Dia, Beverly and Vicci have more right-on instincts and comprehension of singing in their own unique styles than Javier has, and I don't think he gets it that he doesn't get it!

Sixteen year old Xenia, who was eliminated in the semi-finals, has the most unique voice.  She's got distinctive tonal and phrasing qualities that have set apart such disparate performers as Macy Gray, Stevie Nicks and Dionne Warwick.  Xenia is like a deer in the headlights on stage, though.  No experience whatsoever performing, sang to herself in the shower (really!)  She's cute in a sweet sixteen kind of way I didn't think existed anymore in American teenagers today, and I hope the industry doesn't get hold of her and "sex her up" (gag me) - she's an original and should be allowed to develop into her own unique self.  I would pay money for her music, like I have for Susan Boyle's music, another distinctive original. 

Last night Dia rocked Losing my Religion; the week before she rocked Heartless

I think last night, though, belonged to Beverly and her rendition of The Thrill is Gone.    Absolutely knocked me out of my chair. 

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John Webb said...

The BBC have just paid £22M for rights to produce 'The Voice' in the UK:

There's been a lot of speculation that one Cheryl Cole might be a judge. Cheryl Cole was recently very publicly dumped by Simon Cowell:

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