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St. John's (Yes - THE St. John the Baptist) Remains To Be Buried In Sozopol

Oooookaaaaayyyyyyy.  How anyone knows these bones belong to St. John the Baptist is beyond me, but he's a big thing over in Bulgaria, evidently, and an equally big thing in Canada, where St. John Baptiste Day is soon to be celebrated - a national holiday in a secular country for a Roman Catholic saint.  Oooooookaaaaayyyyyyy.  Anyway, John Baptiste was a very popular French Canadian name - I have dozens of male ancestors and relatives named John Baptiste so-and-so (mostly Sequins, Villeneuves and Forciers).  Hmmmm, do you think it is possible that I could be descended - nah...

Remains of John the Baptist to be put in Sozopol's church
Wed, Jun 22 2011 10:19 CET
by The Sofia Echo staff

I just love how the first century CE Salome
is wearing 15th century clothes.  There is
definitely something wrong with this painting
by Lucas Cranach the Elder - Salome's head
and neck are too large in proportion to her body.
The remains of John the Baptist, which were found during the excavation on the island of St. Ivan near the seaside town of Sozopol in August 2010, will be moved to SS Cyril and Methodius church in Sozopol, Focus news agency reported on June 22 2011.

The historian and director of the National History Museum Bozhidar Dimitrov said that the complete renovation of SS Cyril and Methodius church in Sozopol had been completed on schedule and the remains of the saint will be put on display there on June 24 2011 because it is St. John the Baptist Day.

The Island St. Ivan is one the largest of five Bulgarian islands in the Black Sea.

In August 2010 archaeologists found an exquisite reliquary – a relic urn – built in the altar of an ancient church bearing the name of St. John the Baptist.

The urn, which was opened on August 1 2010, contained small bones from the arm and leg of the saint, archaeologists told Bulgarian media.
I would say this comment on the article left by someone (not me), just about sums it up:

I understand that John the baptist had over 7,000 bones in his body as against 206 for the usual person. He would also appear to have had 12 arms and about 38 fingers. Not surprised that he came to the attention of the Judean King. Now if the[y] had found one of his many heads....... Kudos to jonm267, who made this comment on Wed, Jun 22 2011 23:24 CET.  LOL! 

I've posted many items about this purported discovery of - at least some of - the remains of St. John the Baptist:

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