Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wouldn't you know it!

It had been rumbling thunder in the distance since about 7:30 a.m. or so but the sky, while overcast, was still relatively light, and so I engaged in my usual Sunday morning ritual thinking I would have some time to get outside and do some yard work before the rains came:  feed the animals, coffee and cookies while reading the paper at a leisurely pace, check email and respond, water plants.  I got dressed and headed outdoors for more yard work at 9:15 and of course the minute I opened the garage door with Scott's all-in-one seed/mulch bag in my arms, it started raining!  But that was good for the fresh seed/mulch mixture I put down, I have to say.  One bag did not, unfortunately, go very far, but since this is the premium stuff I hope it will sprout relatively quickly and grow in nice and lush!  The lawn out front, where everyone passing by sees it, must be presentable!  Rule Number One of home ownership: no crappy looking front yards allowed!

So, now it's raining a nice steady, gentle rain, good for the grass!  It's rumbling thunder, occasionally a big bangboom, but only a few flashes of lightning that I've seen.  Things seem to be moving slowly to the southeast.  It's dark in the house so I've got some lights on - at 9:45 a.m.!  It is also nice and mild outside and things are very very still out there - almost (dare I say it?) like tornado weather except for the temperature - no extreme heat and no extreme cold front clashing here.  Whew! 

The stillness allows me to keep both front door (sheltered by a small covered front porch) and the patio door off the dinette open to air out the house while the upstairs windows on the north and south of the house are closed.  The west facing windows I can keep open for fresh air because of the deep overhang sheltering them from all but the strongest wind-blown rain. 

Oooh, now the rain is coming down faster, but straight down!  Ooooh, a big lightning flash and crackling thunder rather than the booming kind.  Guess this will be here for awhile.  No more yard work today for moi.

Time to do some laundry...

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