Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hmmm...that gentle rain has turned into a cloudburst!

Downpour and winds, too!  I had to close the patio door because of suddenly overflowing water gushing from the rain gutters above.  The wind is shifting around and started blowing up suddenly, first from the south (first shot taken through the screen door on the front porch), now from the north/northeast (two photos of the backyard taken from the patio door)!  Go figure!  It's lightening up considerably in the west, which means this front will be blowing out of here shortly

Oh, my poor peonies!

Wow - blowing out of here quickly - not even 5 minutes after I took these photos, all is calm outside once more, and a gentle drizzle is falling -- but, just to remind me that it's still a summer thunder storm, a big BOOM just blasted off right above the house, shaking and rattling everything, including my insides!

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