Friday, June 24, 2011

Higher League 61st Russian Women's Chess Championship

Of the 62 players participating in what I understand to be a "qualifying" round for the real deal later this year, under the name of the HL 64th Russian Chess Champinship, GM Tatiana Kosintseva is the sole female, ranked 40th on the list with an ELO of 2559.  Smart move on her part, she's bound to take a beating and yet her ELO should go up because of the tougher competition she's facing.  Two of my favorite male players are also in this event:  my romantic hero who plays chess like an 18th century swashbuckler, GM Alexander Morozevich, ranked 4th on the list with an ELO of 2694, and GM Alexander Khalifman, who won the 1999 FIDE World Chess Champion title, ranked 22nd on the list with an ELO of 2627. 

There is only one more round to go.  After 9, Morozevich is in first place with 7.0/9.  Kosintseva is in respectable 26th place with 5.0 - I'm impressed.  Alexander Khalifman is in 38th place with 4.0. 

The Russian women have their own championshp event this year, the 61st, consisting of 34 players and 9 rounds.  I see none of the top Russian female chess stars in the list, so either they aren't participating this year or they will be seeded into the final event to be held later this year.  Here are the standings after R8, one more round to go:

Rk.NameFEDRtgPts. TB1 TB2 TB3
1IMZaiatz ElenaRUS24307.035.532.56
2WIMCharochkina DariaRUS23206.037.027.55
3IMGunina ValentinaRUS24876.036.530.06
4WGMShadrina TatianaRUS23975.534.021.05
5WGMKovanova BairaRUS23615.532.023.04
6IMOvod EvgenijaRUS24045.036.023.05
7IMKovalevskaya EkaterinaRUS24275.034.024.03
8WFMKostrikina AnnaRUS20725.029.519.54
9WGMGirya OlgaRUS23945.028.519.54
10IMBodnaruk AnastasiaRUS24194.532.524.04
11IMRomanko MarinaRUS23874.532.024.03
12WIMTomilova ElenaRUS23174.532.023.53
13FMPustovoitova DariaRUS23064.530.520.03
14WIMSeveriukhina ZojaRUS22914.530.518.54
15WIMAmbartsumova KarinaRUS23034.034.522.53
16IMVasilevich IrinaRUS23424.032.021.03
17IMMatveeva SvetlanaRUS23804.031.020.53
18Bukhteeva ViktoriaRUS21784.030.519.52
19WFMGoryachkina AleksandraRUS21034.029.516.02
20WIMIvakhinova InnaRUS23264.025.513.03
21Drozdova DinaRUS22393.530.516.52
22WFMSemenova ElenaRUS21883.527.515.02
23Zizlova SofiaRUS21493.526.515.02
24WIMBezgodova SvetlanaRUS21543.526.014.53
25IMSavina AnastasiaRUS23893.525.512.53
26WFMKindinova EkaterinaRUS21593.029.513.52
27Severina MariaRUS21043.028.013.03
28WIMIvkina OlgaRUS22943.025.09.52
29WIMFominykh MariaRUS22913.024.58.52
30WFMBelenkaya DinaRUS21982.529.014.52
31WFMTravkina AnastasiaRUS21762.528.011.51
32Balaian AlinaRUS21632.522.510.52
33Petrova OlgaRUS22561.525.08.01
34Antipina NataliaRUS01.023.07.01

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