Friday, June 24, 2011

Perhaps Hou Yifan Needs a Break

She has yet to draw or win a game in the AAI International Grandmaster Chess Tournament 2011 taking place right now in India (June 22 - July 2, 2011).  It is a category 17 event, the highest yet held in India.

After three rounds, Hou has no points.  This is a double round-robin so all of the players will face each other, once with white pieces, once with black pieces.  Hou has 7 more rounds to go, but I'm telling you it doesn't look very promising for her at the moment.  Perhaps she is tired out from her nearly constant high-intensity events she's played in since winning the women's champion title in December, 2010.  She is gearing up for her match with GM Koneru Humpy of India later this year for the women's champion title (if it is, in fact, held.  As far as I am aware, either nobody has bid for this event or what bids have come in have been unacceptable to FIDE (perhaps because not enough bribe money is being offered).

Standings after R3:

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