Friday, June 24, 2011

Wow! I like this singer

One of the things for me, personally, about The Voice is that it has brought me back into the world of current "pop" or whatever it's called these days music.  I haven't listened to a popular rock or alternative music station in probably 35 years, so I'm pretty much clueless as to who the stars are, what's hot, what's not.  It's either smooth jazz (these days I listen to it online) or oldies but goodies for me tuned into on local FM radio. 

So, I hear a singer do this song on The Voice and, just the other day -- for the very first time -- I say to myself  "what the hell is I-tunes that they keep talking about people downloading music from on The Voice?"  Okay, so I'm an unhip broad - give me a break!

There I see Adele and "Rolling in the Deep" way up high in the top 100, and I say to myself - that rings a bell. Was it Vicci Martinez who sang it on The Voice?  I don't remember - but I do remember that it made an impression.  So -- tonight, no, I did not buy anything from I-tunes, not when I can listen to music for free at You Tube -- I went to You Tube and did a search for Adele.  And up popped an official video.

Hey - she's not some skinny wannabe ho chick!  I love her already, even before she's opened her mouth! 

Great song. Great voice.

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