Friday, January 13, 2012

Scenes from Toledo Spain Part II


Our tour group at the Church of St. Tomas and attached Monastery.
The lady who took our photo wasn't very familiar with such things as light and shadow...
I also look very fat in this photo.  Blech!  Honestly, I have three layers on!

Our group walking down one of the many twisty-turny cobblestone side streets.  Fortunately in this
photo, we were all walking downhill!

In the gift store, featuring Damascus steel swords and Damascene works,
as well as other costly items.
Mr. Don with Don Quixote at the gift shop.  This was the better of two shots I took;
unfortunately, I didn't get Don Quixote very well, but you can see a definite resemblance in the tall, stringy figures...

Outside the restaurant where we had a not very good meal - tough beef, overcooked vegetables
in tasteless soup, and more french fries!  Everywhere, french fries!  Mr. D ordered me a bubbly (carbonated) bottle of agua
to drink with my meal.  It tasted like selzer water and was awful, but he drank his down with relish.  It gave me terrible indigestion later that night and into the next morning!  Blech!

Me, resting my weary bones in the Plaza Espana while Mr. D took countless photos of the monument to Cervantes and the fountain.  Julia Tours was just down the block, where we had gotten off the bus after a long long day.  And we still had a good 40 minute walk ahead of us to get back to our hotel...

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