Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Goddess Power Used to Promote Women's Fitness

Two stories caught my eye. I think Bambi Darlin and Candi Kane, the fabulous and famous Las Vegas Showgirls who write on occasion for Goddesschess, would approve. Reboot your body at 'boot' camps, now designed for many tastes The weeklong "Goddess Warrior" boot camp begins each day with a silent hike and includes yoga and strength training, explains founder Sierra Bender. But the women also dance, sing and choose their own individual goddess. Rest of story. Every woman is a goddess "Bellydancing" workout on video. Every woman is a goddess. This comes straight from the lips of belly-dance instructor Dolphina, who, according to her promotional material, “is a mademoiselle with a mission” to “make a difference in the world one goddess at a time.” Rest of story. Read more about those fabulous chess-loving Las Vegas Showgirls, Bambi and Candi!

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